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!gnition 2!gnition 2
Drive your little car as fast as you can through the tight maps in the given time. Many courses.
$hop Til You Drop$hop Til You Drop
Grab the falling food, but only grab what's on your list or you lose points.
18 Wheeler Challenge18 Wheeler Challenge
Drive the big rig along the road and park it into spots. Don't forget to correct your steering.
3 Games in 13 Games in 1
Avoider game, maze game, and a zombie game where you cut off zombie heads. Take your pick.
30 Days Honey30 Days Honey
Can you make money by creating bee hives and taking the honey out of them? Harder than it sounds.
360 Defence360 Defence
Rotate the shields to protect the aircraft from incoming enemy fire.
360 Supreme Catcher360 Supreme Catcher
Catch the balls as they fall. They speed up each level.
3D Super Ball3D Super Ball
Bounce the ball into the goal as many times as possible.
3D SuperBall3D SuperBall
Bounce the ball into the goal box as many times as possible.
4 Wheel Madness4 Wheel Madness
Keep the physics of your monster truck balanced as you drive through the level over cars and hills.
48 Boxes48 Boxes
Move your cursor and dodge all 48 boxes that come close. Last as long as possible.
A Birds JourneyA Birds Journey
Fly as a bird as you grab the items on your list and avoid those bubbled items that aren't.
A Bugs LandA Bugs Land
Float as you grab food and dodge obstacles. Keep afloat or you'll lose a life.
A Chain Reaction Game 2A Chain Reaction Game 2
Click to make an explosion and try to get the largest chain reaction possible with the passing bombs
A One Level GameA One Level Game
Move your block in the correct pattern to avoid getting hit by anything else in the game.
A Single LightA Single Light
Move the glowing light around keeping it away from the ever growing balls of darkness.
Abatti's PizzaAbatti's Pizza
Put the pizza toppings on all on the pizzas. Keep the rats and spiders away from your pizzas.
Abba The FoxAbba The Fox
Grab the mail and powerups, but avoid the bees.
Grab gems, grab powerups to keep the game speedy. Blow up mines when possible as it gets harder.
Grab all the green circles, dodge the red. The more you grab the more that appear.
Acid AvoiderAcid Avoider
Make the little purple guy dodge the drops of acid, but grab the water drops. Don't get low on water
Push the correct keys as the flaming balls pass over that letter on the screen.
Advils and AnvilsAdvils and Anvils
Dodge the anvils and grab the advils. How long can you stay alive for?
Aero AcrobatAero Acrobat
Fly the airplane through the hoops. The plane goes faster and faster as the game gets harder.
Aeternus Lamnia DuoAeternus Lamnia Duo
Remember what each colored circle means and how you should attack, defend or dodge it as you play.
Agile FlyerAgile Flyer
Keep your airplane away from all the other planes as they move around the screen. Don't crash!
Air HeadsAir Heads
Keep the air balloon afloat and from hitting buildings or going into smog.
Air shipsAir ships
Float, but not to high or low. Grab as many red dots as possible.
Alien UFOAlien UFO
Fly around avoiding obstacles and rescuing the aliens with your UFO.
Aliens LandAliens Land
Fly your UFO around grab the goods and dodge the obstacles. Don't run out of fuel.
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