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A Case of the CrabsA Case of the Crabs
Another private investigator game. Can you solve it?
A Christmas RPGA Christmas RPG
An RPG based around Christmas, Santa, and elfs. Explore the Christmas world.
Two IM icons fight against each other in RPG style gameplay.
Acaro 2Acaro 2
An adventure and RPG game where you explore and puzzle solve.
Adeventure XAdeventure X
Can you escape from the room with only your whits?
Advanced Battleman UltimateAdvanced Battleman Ultimate
Swing your sword around and slay the evil orcs that roam these lands. Slice and dice!
Explore the world and talk to people to help you solve the puzzles in the game.
There's been a murder and it's your job to solve it in this RPG. Can you do it in the time given?
Arcane The Stone CircleArcane The Stone Circle
An adventure like flash game.
Artifission Chapter 0Artifission Chapter 0
Fight your enemies in turn based health point damage system. Follow the RPG story.
Artifission RPG Chapter 1Artifission RPG Chapter 1
Explore the world and go head to head in RPG style fights taking turns back and forth.
Ascendant StormAscendant Storm
Survive as you move about from towns as you take jobs and scavenge for food.
Astroseries MilleniaAstroseries Millenia
An RPG with a story to tell. Decently created. Time to RPG it up.
Athalina RPGAthalina RPG
One of the nicer RPG flash games has a top down view with exploration and fighting.
A horror RPG game of exploring grungy locations. Watch out for scary things.
Atrocitys 2 The RevengeAtrocitys 2 The Revenge
Explore the house and watch out for ghosts that appear and disappear. Don't get scared.
Average School DayAverage School Day
What decisions will you make during this day at school?
Baby BlimpBaby Blimp
Manage getting the babies prepped for the stork as you take care of them as they roll along.
Baby HospitalBaby Hospital
Take care of the babies as you put them in their cribs, feed and bath them. Can you keep up?
The battle of the balls. Increase skill points to take on user specified opponents.
Battle BallBattle Ball
A sport-like game, but the dice make it RPG-like too.
Battle ConquerorBattle Conqueror
A well created RPG game with multiple areas and purchasable items.
Your ball against an enemy ball. Fight to the death!
Beef BashBeef Bash
Stun the animals, hang them up, cut them up and make some nice cuts of meat. Can you keep up?
Billy SuicideBilly Suicide
Take care of Billy and manage his well being as you try to keep him from killing himself.
Black Dragon: Phase 1Black Dragon: Phase 1
Explore, discover, talk, and fight.
Bleach TrainingBleach Training
Buy items and attack enemies. Regular RPG style.
Blood II The ChosenBlood II The Chosen
An exploration and adventure game. Pick the right path or you die.
Blue Rabbit's Climate ChaosBlue Rabbit's Climate Chaos
An RPG exploration game with decent cartoon graphics.
Boo Boo WebBoo Boo Web
Go from place to place and room to room as you pickup items to save your mother.
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