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Action / Adventure Games

Jak 3 The Journey BackJak 3 The Journey Back
Cool game as Jak where you jump, crush and even change to a darker ego for different styled attacks.
Bird SmasherBird Smasher
Slice the throats of birds as you sneak up on them by hiding in the shadows. Kill all possible.
Rain RideRain Ride
Float down the stream and grab items while dodging others to stay alive and keep that score high.
Beer DudeBeer Dude
Collect the beers and exit through the door to next levels.

Sports Games

Dodge BrawlDodge Brawl
Move your team so they don't get hit by the enemy balls, then throw your own at them.
Go SantaGo Santa
Ski down the hill and try to stay on the ski trail while dodging obstacles.
Table TennisTable Tennis
A top down view of Table Tennis.
Drive the copter for as long as you can without crashing

Puzzle Games

Stack Tetris pieces without lining up the same colors. Reach the red line as fast as possible.
Move the balls of fungus to keep them growing. If they're too far away from each other they die.
Dodge-Em 2Dodge-Em 2
Dodge other balls and complete tasks in this puzzle action game.
A mathcing colored boxes game with strange rules.

Shooting Games

Cute Dragon ShooterCute Dragon Shooter
Shoot the bottles that are tossed on the screen. Avoid bananas and the blue dragon.
Space RowdiesSpace Rowdies
You're a space dude with hover boots flying through space shooting enemy UFOs and other spaceships.
Hard TargetHard Target
Shoot the targets as they pop out. Keep an eye out for powerups and bombs.
Test your clicking accuracy.

Other Games

Pizza Shack DeluxePizza Shack Deluxe
Take and make peoples orders at the Pizza Shack. Deliver their meal in time or they leave.
Whack The DeadWhack The Dead
Keep the dead from attacking the one you protect.
Go Michael Go!Go Michael Go!
Collect all your kiddie porn before the cops get you.
Kirby MinigameKirby Minigame
Catch the eggs, but not the bombs.

Racing Games

Midnight RaceMidnight Race
Drive down the street as you avoid cars in your lanes and oncoming lanes. Don't crash and last long.
Ace DriverAce Driver
Drive and grab all the points you can while dodging oil spills, cones and more. Build up more speed.
Extreme RacingExtreme Racing
Race in three lanes and don't hit other F1 race cars as you continually speed up in this game.
A motorcycle racing game with checkpoints to pass before time runs out.

Retro Games

Pong remixed into a realistic 3D game. Similar to other games except ball bounces differently.
4 Ball Pong4 Ball Pong
Sure Pong is boring to you and me, but toss in some more balls and it gets a lot more entertaining.
Battle TanksBattle Tanks
The 3D line drawing classic is back, this time in flash gaming.
Hulk Smash UpHulk Smash Up
Ever fancied being green and destroying a city? You can now you're the Incredible Hulk!

Fighting Games

Power Fox 3Power Fox 3
Use all the pickups that drop from the sky and take out your enemies with rapid fire weapons.
Ways HeroWays Hero
Fight your way through the groups of baddies by slicing and using built up power moves.
Kungfu Special TrainerKungfu Special Trainer
Punch, kick and jab the flying watermellons.
Downing Street FighterDowning Street Fighter
Take on other political party members as you battle to become the leading member of parliament on th

Casino Games

Glamour Girl Solitaire 2Glamour Girl Solitaire 2
Play a game of Solitaire as you look at the ladies undress themselves.
Glamour Poker Deck 3Glamour Poker Deck 3
Keep playing poker as you try to walk away with the most amount of money possible.
Video PokerVideo Poker
A game of video poker.
A game of Blackjack.

Gore Games

Team Fortress 2 Soundboard - The SpyTeam Fortress 2 Soundboard - The Spy
Listen to the lines that the Spy says in the video game Team Fortress 2. Prank calling anyone?
George W. Bush FreefallGeorge W. Bush Freefall
Bush falls onto bubbles with realistic physics. Click and drag him around too.
Watch some stick figure overkill in this non-interactive cartoon.
Dragonball Z ParodyDragonball Z Parody
A parody on every Dragonball Z episode.

Strategy Games

Drone DefenceDrone Defence
Protect your base as you fire at incoming waves of enemies. Use money to upgrade weapons and drones.
Defend Lock LegionDefend Lock Legion
Upgrade your castle and your weapon correctly or you won't survive.
The Bank RobberThe Bank Robber
Use your team of crooks, each with their own skill to make it through the level and steal the money.
Use your head and pick the best spot to not let the other color take your pieces.

RPG Games

Papa's PizzeriaPapa's Pizzeria
Manage the pizzeria as you do everything from putting on toppings, cooking, and cutting. Keep up!
Marijuana Stand IIIMarijuana Stand III
Manage your marijuana business as you buy and sell marijuana trying to get the most amount of money.
USS Enterprise TwoUSS Enterprise Two
Explore the Enterprise and ask questions, meet officers and try to become more than when you started
Masters RPGMasters RPG
You are a circle fighting other circles in a 2 man arena. Manage hit points, potions, armor, and spe

Skills Games

Animal RaftersAnimal Rafters
Keep your animals rafting down the river for as long as possible. Game gets crazy hard quickly.
Bee BuzzBee Buzz
Be very quick as you grab the honey and return it to the hive. Set your bees skills before you start
Shoot Cupids bow and arrow at the heart balloons and try to pop them. Similar to Bloons.
Dark ChargerDark Charger
Ram into the enemies as you charge them. Grab orange balls to keep the time from expiring. Hurry up!
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