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Action / Adventure Games

You Dont Mess With The ZohanYou Dont Mess With The Zohan
Walk up to people and stun them by fighting them, then style them and make them look fabulous!
Seo GameSeo Game
Grab coins, jump on enemies, avoid others. Grab the keycards to open doors.
Flametry WarsFlametry Wars
Old school graphics, but great new gameplay. Shoot down the enemy shapes while avoiding their fire.
Mobile Weapon AssaultMobile Weapon Assault
Shoot the flying objects and progress and unlock other mechs.

Sports Games

Animal AthleticsAnimal Athletics
Play around in some olympic sporting events and try to get the best score possible.
Goalkeeper ChallengeGoalkeeper Challenge
Defend your goal as you jump up and leap from side to side to protect your goal.
HomeRun 2HomeRun 2
Run from baseball plate to plate trying to make your long distance home run. Throw balls at birds.
Real PoolReal Pool
A game of pool with a CPU player for competition.

Puzzle Games

Join the same colored ladybugs together without other colors hitting your merging lines.
The Ultimate Halo QuizThe Ultimate Halo Quiz
Three difficulty settings that adjust questions. Think you know Halo? Think again.
Whoose Badonkadonk Butt 4Whoose Badonkadonk Butt 4
Think you know whose butt is whose? Pick from the 3 choices and see what butts you know.
Push the letter right before the puck hits that letter.

Shooting Games

Never SurrenderNever Surrender
You're a stationary turret in space. Fire at all the incoming enemies and stay alive.
Shoot the moving target as many times as possible.
Kill OsamaKill Osama
Shoot Osama, but watchout for Bert.
The ProfessionalsThe Professionals
An addictive yet hard shooter to increase accuracy.

Other Games

Odd BodsOdd Bods
One of these is not like the other. Click the different creature to level up. Time gets shorter.
Get your space craft to the portal without hitting walls.
Simon LikeSimon Like
Like the game Simon where you follow the given pattern.
Sub CommanderSub Commander
Your in control of a submarine, dodge anything that will hurt your sub.

Racing Games

Cats Me If You CanCats Me If You Can
Drive your car and grab the donuts while dodging the obstacles. Grab the nitros whenever you can.
Dinner DangerDinner Danger
Grab all the pickups and avoid the cars chasing you.
Drunk Driver ChampionshipDrunk Driver Championship
Another classic Helicopter like game. You're drunk, and the more drunk you get, the harder the game
Chase 2000Chase 2000
A great racing game from the tail-view angle. Try not to get too competitive!

Retro Games

Ultranium 2Ultranium 2
An oldschool game of Breakout. Starts off slow with one ball and increases in difficulty.
A game similar to Pong, only instead of paddles you play with tongues..
Mood MatchMood Match
Match the faces together in the shortest amount of time.
Beep... Beep. Beep boop... Beep boop.

Fighting Games

Eclipse EdgeEclipse Edge
Fight the big goo blob as you try to stay alive and minimize your damage taken.
Arnes De ManoArnes De Mano
An amazing sword fighting game with a unique mouse control system. Very cool!
Morphin' RangerMorphin' Ranger
Fight as Power Ranger-like heroes.
Travel around the world trying to knockout all of your opponents in this awesome 2D knockout game. T

Casino Games

Governor of PokerGovernor of Poker
Play a game of Poker with other computer players as you try to win all their money.
Poker PatiencePoker Patience
Place the playing cards in the best spots possible to create the best hands in all rows and columns.
Russian RouletteRussian Roulette
Partially based on luck and knowing when to rotate the chamber or not.
A game of Blackjack.

Gore Games

Pimp My Monster TruckPimp My Monster Truck
Drag the peices to the monster truck to give the truck a customized look. How cool can you get it?
Pimp My BMW M5Pimp My BMW M5
Pimp the BMW to look as cool and pimped out as possible. How cool can you make yours look?
Worms TributeWorms Tribute
A bloody animation and tribute to the Worms franchise.
Power Star Part 1Power Star Part 1
Mario goes ape shit.

Strategy Games

Strategy Defense 2Strategy Defense 2
Move your pieces to make the best attack possible. Think before you put your plan into motion.
Another turret game for your enjoyment. Setup turrets and more powerful firing. Shop and more!
Avatar Fire Nation Barge BarrageAvatar Fire Nation Barge Barrage
Boat around and attack weak villages. Careful not to attack powerful villages.
Flash Element TDFlash Element TD
Build your gaurd towers in strategically placed spots to slaughter the enemy.

RPG Games

Treasure Seas Inc.Treasure Seas Inc.
Dive your submarine for treasure. Get money from treasure to buy better sub. Go deeper for more gold
Escaping Paris 2Escaping Paris 2
Paris is back in jail, can you help her escape again?
LethalRpgWar 2LethalRpgWar 2
Explore in this role playing game. Set your race, upgrade your character and more.
Swedish SaveloySwedish Saveloy
You owe money to the swedish mod. And the adventure begins.

Skills Games

Trials Dynamite TumbleTrials Dynamite Tumble
Drive your bike and try to cause the most damage by driving over dynamite. Bail off bike for more.
Horse RunHorse Run
Jump your horse just right to avoid landing on any blocks. More and harder blocks appear quickly.
The Return Of The Dance Bar GirlsThe Return Of The Dance Bar Girls
Try to escape the club without being caught by a dancing girl. If you're caught you start over.
Avenue RemyAvenue Remy
Sit the customers to their tables, serve them the food they want, and take their money.
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