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Action / Adventure Games

Hammer OnlineHammer Online
An awesome side viewing game. Hammer the ice creatures and watch out for the other opponent. Cool!
The Guarded GardenThe Guarded Garden
Make your way through the garden eatting carrots and dodging the gardeners dogs.
You're a toaster that shoots rainbows out of your mouth. Sweet!
Slay evil orcs and stuff.

Sports Games

Free Kick MadnessFree Kick Madness
Kick the soccer ball into the goal as many times as possible as more blockers come to block you.
FMX TeamFMX Team
A sweet game of performing motorcycle stunts over jumps as you compete on each level for a highscore
Stickman TennisStickman Tennis
Poorly drawn stick figures battle it out in a game of tennis in this fun sports game.
Real PoolReal Pool
A game of pool with a CPU player for competition.

Puzzle Games

Valentine SmashValentine Smash
Line up 3 or more similar Valentine symbols in this Bejeweled-like game.
Click the blocks that are similar and that are touching to make them disappear. Don't leave any left
Block DefenderBlock Defender
Shoot the falling blocks, careful though each block gives you an upgrade or downgrade.
You're a orange block, dodge the other orange blocks for as long as possible.

Shooting Games

Skeet ShooterSkeet Shooter
Shoot the clay frisbees that are thrown out. Don't forget to reload when you can.
Pico BlastPico Blast
Move along in this scroller as you shoot your enemies and grab powerups to stay alive. Boss monsters
Vina ArmyVina Army
Shoot the incoming soldiers on the boats. Don't let a single soldier reach you or it's game over.
Ringtone BashingRingtone Bashing
A shooting ame that perhaps never ends.

Other Games

Move your dot around as you color the world and levels become larger with more to color.
Tren CitosTren Citos
Turn the train track corners so that you pick up passangers and let them off at other stops.
Ninja BagNinja Bag
Keep fighting the hordes of enemies that are approaching.
Hungry SpaceHungry Space
Eat the other smaller space fish to get bigger.

Racing Games

The Biker FeatsThe Biker Feats
Tilt and lean your bike as you go over all sorts of angles and objects. A little buggy.
Street RallyStreet Rally
Time for some racing around the blocks. Don't run over people and try to beat the computer players.
Space ExplorerSpace Explorer
Another physics controlling, mars rover moving, sidescrolling, time attack game.
5 Miles to Go5 Miles to Go
Get into the right track and fire your way to the finnish line

Retro Games

Similar to the classic Snake only with a lot more to grab and avoid.
Ghost 2000Ghost 2000
A remix of Pac-Man with better graphics and constant tapping.
Naughts and CrossesNaughts and Crosses
Play a classic game of Naughts and Crosses. Tic Tac Toe!
I am sure you have all played the bog standard “breakout” before… it’s a pretty good game. We took t

Fighting Games

Fight robots in the arena. Don't be fooled, later robots move faster, hide better, shoot you more!
Ghost Rider Demon DuelGhost Rider Demon Duel
You're Ghost Rider. Whip the incoming bad guys with your chain from hell. Line 'em up or you'll miss
Ant KendoAnt Kendo
Use your bow staff to knock the other ant off.
The Legend Of Dragon FistThe Legend Of Dragon Fist
The aim of this beat 'em up game is to defeat 10 opponents. All of which progress in difficulty as y

Casino Games

Glamour Girl Solitaire - Game Deck 5Glamour Girl Solitaire - Game Deck 5
Play solitaire while you enjoy looking at covered ladies in tight and little clothing.
Lucky EightsLucky Eights
Quickly select the cards to make unique hands of cards to Lucky Eights. How long can you keep going?
Choose which cards to discard and try to make pair of jacks or better to win money.
Try and get rid of all your cards as quick as possible in this fast paced Uno-like card game. Play a

Gore Games

Happy Tree Friends - Eyes Cold LemonadeHappy Tree Friends - Eyes Cold Lemonade
That's going to leave a mark. One of the more bloody Happy Tree Friends cartoons. Cool!
Relationship RevengeRelationship Revenge
An animation on how to get revenge in a relationship.
Die In StyleDie In Style
Pick the weapon to kill the stick man and watch the animation of it.
A hacky sack stick animation.

Strategy Games

The Commanders SisterThe Commanders Sister
Defending game meets sweet graphics in another tower defender game. Setup your military turrets!
Build farms, armories and protect the entire village while making it grow.
Blade of InnocenceBlade of Innocence
Gold and building things? This has to be a new strategy game for you.
FlashWars: Star Wars GameFlashWars: Star Wars Game
Fly around in the star wars galaxy as an x-wing, a-wing, y-wing and more construct ships and have la

RPG Games

Mesiria RPG Chapter 2Mesiria RPG Chapter 2
Explore around in this RPG trying to solve the towns problem. Can you find and defeat the ghosts?
Ninja AssaultNinja Assault
An action, RPG, sidescrolling mix of going ninja on your enemies. Unique gameplay mix.
Lethal RPG DestinyLethal RPG Destiny
Customize your character and fight it out in this RPG game.
Your ball against an enemy ball. Fight to the death!

Skills Games

Damn Circle 2Damn Circle 2
15 levels of trying to click the fast moving circle. Levels get harder with more than just speed.
Metro.Siberia - People in Planes EditionMetro.Siberia - People in Planes Edition
Fly your triangle through all the obstacles as you travel as far as possible.
Defend Level 60Defend Level 60
Click on all the attacking icons that are trying to hurt your master icon in the center.
Ice SlideIce Slide
How far can you launch the polar animals before they slow down and stop? Try to beat friends scores.
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