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Action / Adventure Games

Shoot the enemy shapes, keep your energy up and increase your weapons. Control completely with mouse
Drop bombs and launch homing missles on the trucks shooting your UFO.
The Fresh Prince vs the KKKThe Fresh Prince vs the KKK
Shoot the KKK with an assortment of weapons and blow them to bits.
Midnight StrikeMidnight Strike
Walk through the factory, shooting down enemies and barrels with your gun and crawl through tunnels.

Sports Games

Tricky PoolTricky Pool
Hit the balls into the pool pockets before the time on the balls hits zero.
Snow Board BettySnow Board Betty
Snowboard down the kill dodging stumps and rocks and grabbing flowers and stars and going off jumps.
Hook, Line _and_ SinkerHook, Line _and_ Sinker
Catch specific fish, don't catch bigger fish than what you line can hold.
Beach TennisBeach Tennis
Lovely ladies playing tennis down the beach.

Puzzle Games

Shoot the colored balls at the other colored balls to make them disappear. Keep them disappearing.
Deadly Legend 2 - The Second ChanceDeadly Legend 2 - The Second Chance
Can you escape the rooms as you gain an inventory of items to help you escape?
Animal Connect MahjongAnimal Connect Mahjong
Find the Mahjong pieces that are similar to each other on the same level.
ButtonHunt 2ButtonHunt 2
Can you find the red buttons throughout the entire game? Each level changes it up a bit.

Shooting Games

Shoot Em UpShoot Em Up
Shoot the bad guys that have surrounded you and are coming in from all directions.
Undead CleansingUndead Cleansing
Defend your position by shooting the incoming zombies. Upgrade weapons through upgrade shop.
Pocket HaloPocket Halo
Another simple shooter based in the Halo universe.
Executive Shootout 3Executive Shootout 3
Time for some more first person shooting.

Other Games

Happy FishingHappy Fishing
Catch the required fish by adjusting your swinging power.
Frozen FrenzyFrozen Frenzy
Drive around the town and stop for the kids to feed them frozen treats. Watch out for construction.
Throw the dinosaurs into space and bounce them off the planets. Don't you know that's what happened.
Make the blue buttons disappear without created new ones.

Racing Games

King of PowerKing of Power
Race around different courses in this 3D boating racing game.
Makai Grand Prix 2Makai Grand Prix 2
Race around the track and avoid oil slicks and more.
Pure AdrenalinePure Adrenaline
Driving on the wrong side of the road at high speed.
4x4 Rally4x4 Rally
Drive around the circuits in your 4x4 off roader. Customise the look of your car, by way of editing

Retro Games

Try to get all the men to the bars in this Frogger remake.
Ultimate Ping PongUltimate Ping Pong
1 or 2 player ping pong with different settings include 2 balls or 2 humans vs computer.
A game of Frogger remixed and with a timelimit.
A lot like Asteroids, only with some cool graphics effects.

Fighting Games

Golden DragonGolden Dragon
Fight in this game of fists, kicks, swords, and special powers.
Aevarrian Coliseum 2Aevarrian Coliseum 2
A great fighting game with a storyline and characters.
Virtua PikeyVirtua Pikey
Fight a few people at the carnival to impress your girl friend.
It's A KnockoutIt's A Knockout
A single player boxing game with multiple opponents.

Casino Games

Glamour Girl Slots Game 3Glamour Girl Slots Game 3
Try to earn enough money to unlock the glamour girls. Can you break the bank and see them all?
Quick CardsQuick Cards
Lay down all your cards the fastest on top of the center piles to win.
A game of Blackjack.
Mario PokerMario Poker
A game of Mario Video Poker.

Gore Games

Happy Tree Friends - Get Whale SoonHappy Tree Friends - Get Whale Soon
Not the bloodiest HTF, but some good cartoon humor none-the-less.
The SimpsomakerThe Simpsomaker
Make your own Simpsons character in this nongame.
Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2Stick Figure Penalty Chamber 2
Decide how to excute the stick man.
The Battlefield IThe Battlefield I
The first in this nongaming series.

Strategy Games

Simple Tower Defense 2Simple Tower Defense 2
Place your turrets that attack ground and air units. Place towers carefully to ensure enemy kills.
Celtic VillageCeltic Village
Control the villagers and keep them working to keep the village fruitful.
Defend Your PicnicDefend Your Picnic
Similar to a tower defence game, setup your picnic foods to block the ants.
Via SolVia Sol
Build up your new city and home in this strategy game.

RPG Games

Geo Land RPGGeo Land RPG
Explore the world of this RPG flash game and discover the story behind it.
Death TrapDeath Trap
Find your way through the house and find out why you're there.
Dona RoomDona Room
Explore the room and continue to progress in this RPG puzzle game.
Adeventure XAdeventure X
Can you escape from the room with only your whits?

Skills Games

Adjust power and angle to fire at the enemy tanks. Watch that wind direction! Single player only.
Sue Tomato FactorySue Tomato Factory
Grow the tomato plants and place the tomatos into the machine in the timelimit.
Dig deep into the earth as you avoid rocks and blast turnips. Watch out for flying turnips!
Micro SubmarineMicro Submarine
Keep your submarine from hitting the underwater creatures as well as floating bombs.
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