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Action / Adventure Games

Warp CoreWarp Core
An awesome space shooter with smoothly blurred colors. Very cool.
Prison BreakPrison Break
Break out of prison using the map tattooed on yourself. Watch out for cops.
Defend your KegDefend your Keg
Shoot anybody that gets near the last keg of beer on earth.
Super SoldierSuper Soldier
A super soldier that shoots pink exploding balls. Beware!

Sports Games

SoccoFobia 2SoccoFobia 2
Dodge the soccer balls that come out onto the field. Dodge all of them for as long as possible.
Street SK8Street SK8
Go off jumps and make the necessary tricks to continue to the next level.
Tobby SoccerTobby Soccer
The Tobby games continue to appear. Kick the soccer ball for as long as possible without losing it.
Adventure GolfAdventure Golf
Show off your golf skills on this 9 hole mini-golf course.

Puzzle Games

Rotate the creatures to create 4 of them by each other to make them disappear and earn points.
Whoose Badonkadonk Butt 6Whoose Badonkadonk Butt 6
Guess whose butt you're looking at and pick the name of them. How many butts do you know?
3D Sudoku3D Sudoku
Sudoku with different difficulty settings for even the best.
Zero MatterZero Matter
Fly in your ship shoot at the opponent and destroy his ship to win.

Shooting Games

Battle - Aero MechaBattle - Aero Mecha
Fly your ship and shoot the incoming enemies as they continue to grow in number and strength.
Bunny BountyBunny Bounty
Keep the strange bunnies from stealing your harvest. Shoot bunnies with rocks. Bunnies get tougher.
Evil Care BearsEvil Care Bears
The Care Bears have gone ape shit and stopped caring. Time to blow them away.
Coco ShootCoco Shoot
Shoot the coconuts before they hit the ground.

Other Games

Move your dot around as you color the world and levels become larger with more to color.
Lemon SmashLemon Smash
The lemons are falling, smash as many as you can. Don't let too many build up!
Fatboy FroggerFatboy Frogger
Hey fatboy! Get running and watch out for those manholes. Grab the energy drinks and dodge the beer.
Monster BashMonster Bash
Clear the place up, jump onto as many monsters as possible, dont step on the worm tais! or loose a l

Racing Games

Ho-pin Tung RacerHo-pin Tung Racer
Race around multiple tracks in this 3D racing game. Try to come out 1st on every track.
Splash and DashSplash and Dash
A nice looking game of racing with varying difficulty, and car colors.
Race around this track on your motor bike. 2D game for the dedicated gamer.
Goosehead RacingGoosehead Racing
Race your dragster and win money to upgrade it.

Retro Games

Shooot 2Shooot 2
Similar to Asteroids, except your a cube that is spinning and that automatically shoots.
Try to get all the men to the bars in this Frogger remake.
A heavy remix of shooting down incoming missles, but instead it's a little different.
Insane OrbInsane Orb
A souped up version of Pong.

Fighting Games

Fantastic Four Rush CrushFantastic Four Rush Crush
Bust up all the missles, tanks and other things as you play in this Fantastic Four game.
Celebrity Smackdown 3Celebrity Smackdown 3
Fight four celebrities and send them packing if you can click them fast enough.
Nullus InteractiveNullus Interactive
Build up your robot with combat gear and then fight the huge robot.
Bighouse BeatdownBighouse Beatdown
Fight prison guards while in your orange jumpsuit.

Casino Games

Glamour Poker Deck 3Glamour Poker Deck 3
Keep playing poker as you try to walk away with the most amount of money possible.
Mobster RouletteMobster Roulette
You owe the mob $10,000 you have to make it back by gambling. Somewhat of an adult game. (Language)
A game of Blackjack.
Where Is The BallWhere Is The Ball
Try this fun game of Wheres The Ball

Gore Games

Naruto Create a CharacterNaruto Create a Character
Drag and drop the clothes and faces onto the body to create different types of Naruto characters.
Wacky FacesWacky Faces
Change the faces, eyes, mouth, and nose of the person to create your own wacky face.
Bush AerobicsBush Aerobics
Make President Bush do the dance moves you want him to do.
Stick AnimatorStick Animator
Make your own stickman animations with this simple flash.

Strategy Games

Project MidnightProject Midnight
Setup guards around your tower to shoot the incoming waves of zombies.
Strong BowStrong Bow
Protect your castle as you send out waves of knights, shoot arrows, and fortify your castle.
ALIENS The Board GameALIENS The Board Game
An amazingly challenging game of turn based attacking and strategically placing your soldiers.
Roller Coaster 3Roller Coaster 3
Build up your theme park and create rides for people. Make money and try to get 1500 people to visit

RPG Games

Dynasty Lovers Dating SimDynasty Lovers Dating Sim
Train to fight and make money and friends to survive. You have 100 days to complete and win.
Pumpkin BattlePumpkin Battle
You're a pumpkin and you must defeat the most powerful pumpkin in the patch. Can you do it?
The Elder Scrolls K. C.The Elder Scrolls K. C.
An RPG game of exploration and battles of strange creatures.
A horror / mystery RPG game where you wonder through a house.

Skills Games

The Schoolyard PilotThe Schoolyard Pilot
Design your airplane and throw it just right to try and hit the chalk board with your plane.
Cannon BlasterCannon Blaster
Shoot your guy from cannons with the occasional jetpack flying. Watch out for bees!
Defend Level 60 2Defend Level 60 2
Prove your skill as you protect the center item from all the incoming attacking squares. Gets harder
The Ultimate PaperboyThe Ultimate Paperboy
Throw the papers to all the people that need them. Adjust angle and power to get it just right.
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